Bernhard Habla

(Autriche - Austria)

The Saxophone as Accesory in Pictures of German and Austrian Printed Commercials.
The presentation will consist of a slide show and a light-hearted look at the use of the saxophone in German and Austrian printed commercials.
Bernhard Habla was born in Göppingen, Germany. He studied musicology, history of arts and folk culture at the University of Würzburg (Germany). He earned his masters degree in 1983. Following his studies, he went to the University of Graz (Austria), where he earned his doctorate of philosophy. Since 1983, he has been teaching at the Institute for Ethnomusicology of the Universität für Musik Graz and since 1990 at the Pannonische Forschungsstelle at Oberschützen (Austria) (Ethnomusicology, acoustics and history of musical instruments). He is writing and publishing books and articles and giving papers in band music research. As secretary general (since 1985) of the International Society of Promotion and Ivestigation of Band Music (IGEB), he has edited several volumes of the series "Alta Musica". Since 1990 he is president of the Pannonischer Blasorchester and published with this ensemble 8 CDs. Since 1997 he is also scientific tutor of the Austrian Band Museum in Oberwölz (Austria). Further he is chairman of the WASBE community / adult band network, with which he is developing an international listing of bands and their history (Band Globe).

Current Research:

Austrian and German Printed Band Music from the 19th Century to World War II.

Most important publications:

Besetzung und instrumentation des Blasorchesters seit des Erfindung des Ventile für Blechblasintrumente bis zum Zweiten Weltkrieg in Österreich und Deutschland, phil. Diss. Graz 1990 2 Bde. maschr.; leicht überarbeitet Tutzing 1990 2 Bände (= Alta musica Band12).

Blasmusik und ihre Komponisten im Burgenland, (Verzeichnis des burgenländischen Komponisten mit Werken von Blasmusik), hg, vom Burgenländischen Blasmusikverband, erstellt in Zusammenarbeit mit des Pannonischen Forschungsstelle Oberschützen, Eisenstadt 1993.

Series: Werke für Soloinstrumente und Blasorchester, 7 volumes in 1999, Trompete, Tuba, Tenorhorn/Euphonium, Posaune, Klarinette, Oboe, Saxophone (Publisher: Kliment, Vienna).

Edition: George Druchetzky (1745-1819), Divertissement (32 Stücke) für drei Bassetthörner, Wien Kliment 1992.

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