Billy Kerr

(Canada / U.S.A.)

Billy Kerr, a versatile musician, is an accomplished jazz artist, composer, arranger and clinician. Brooklyn born and raised on Long Island, he completed his studies at the Juilliard School of Music and Queens College. For 18 years he wrote and performed with the New York Saxophone Quartet, in addition to his steady work in the Broadway Theatre and recording studios. Since 1995 Billy has been residing in Montreal, Canada where he continues to work in the theatre, record for the National Film Board and CBC, and lead his own jazz quartet. Billy is the soprano saxophonist in the newly formed Phenix saxophone quartet, and is co-founder of the educational woodwind duet Duo Bilanci.

As a composer and arranger, Billy has written for every type of ensemble from duets to big band. For four years he was a member of the BMI Jazz Composers Workshop which concentrated primarily on the art of composing for big band. His original saxophone quartet Send In the New Boy was premiered at the Tenth World Saxophone Congress in Italy in 1992. This piece and several other quartet and octet arrangements written by Billy are published with UNC Jazz Press. Recently the University of Kentucky saxophone department presented a concert of "The Music of Billy Kerr" at the NASA '98 conference in Chicago. Billy's saxophone duet Conversation for Two Baritones is now published by Opus 102.

Billy is a Keilwerth and Buffet performing artist. He plays Rico reeds.

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